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Multilanguage Foto Guestbook
Multilanguage Foto Guestbook is a multilanguage guest book utility. Users can upload their pictures.
May 20th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
PHP Foto Album
PHP Foto Album is a multi-platform compatible php-based web photo galery. Just upload your images into your web via FTP. You can use as many subfolders as you like. Thumbs will be generated automaticly by phpFotoAlbum.
November 30th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
TCN Guestbook
TCN Guestbook is a very basic guestbook script. You create a template, insert a special string where you want the form to be, and where you want the guestbook entries to show up.

In order to configure TCN Guestbook, simply ...
January 10th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
FAC Guestbook
FAC Guestbook is an open source ASP Guestbook Project. FAC (Full Admin Controlled) Guestbook has lots of features for an easier administration of guestbook.The script is very easy to install, use and customize to suit your needs.
February 5th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
CC Guestbook
CC Guestbook is a simple guestbook program that is very easy to configure and install. It features a notification facility which sends an email alert to the guestbook owner whenever new entries are made. It may also be used as ...
January 5th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
ASP Guestbook is an easy to use web-based guestbook.Features: - added verification to prevent automated spam entries - Simple to install and use. - Multiple language support. - Easy to integrate into your website. - Allow or disallow HTML in ...
April 2nd 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
GuestBook Script PHP
If you need a guestbook on your website, you are in the right place. GuestBook Script PHP is a script that is easy and quick to put on your website.
Visitors to your website can leave comments and feedback. Features: ...
February 11th 2010 Commercial  2.5 stars 210k
GuestBook PHP
This is a PHP guestbook with integrated spam protection. It supports smilies / multiple languages, requires a MySQL database and is very easy to install and use.The script was tested with many web browsers, such as: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox ...
February 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Free CGI Resources Guestbook
This is a guestbook program where the users can add comments on the webpage. This script permits the users to view the guestbook entries by signning up in the guestbook. This script delivers an email notification for the guestbook. This ...
December 5th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Cool guestbook
Cool guestbook is a guestbook script. All you need to do is create a MYSQL database table and set the variables below to conform to your settings and that's it. Features: - smilies - anti-spamming - bad language filter - ...
May 7th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
hogstorp guestbook
This is a guestbook script where the users can add messages on the guestbook. The admin have rights to edit and remove the unwanted entries made by the users in the guestbook. The users can select the number of comments ...
December 12th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Dk3 Guestbook
Here you can create a free guestbook for your personal homepage or company.. A guestbook gives your homepage an interactive element and makes it easier for you to discover your reader's opinions. A guestbook can also insure more hits for ...
December 20th 2005 Free     
Simple Guestbook 5.x-1.x-de
The guestbook content is administered just like node content.InstallationUnpack in your modules folder (usually /sites/all/modules/) and enable under Administer > Site Building > Modules. Requirements: · Drupal 5.x
April 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
PHP-MySQL Guestbook Script
PHP MySQL guestbook is a simple PHP MySQL guestbook script that allows you to easily delete posts, edit posts, block words and block IP addresses. You can also easily change the design of the guestbook by editing one of the ...
May 6th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
ASP EZ-GuestBook
This is a guestbook application which does not need any third party programs and can be used through the web browser internally. The users can make postings on any topics. Admin can have a control over the users postings in ...
November 28th 2005 Free     
simcoweb guestbook
This is a guestbook script where the users can add comments and messages in the guestbook. This script allows admin to delete and edit the users entries in guestbook which provides control for the users. The users can customize the ...
November 29th 2005 Free  3 stars  
Guestbook for ASP.NET
This article describes about the guestbook presentation in which the entry can be made by the guests when they enter the site. The author discusses about the signing and viewing of the guestbook. The users could change the view of ...
December 8th 2005 Free  3 stars  
Bravenet Guestbook
Your Own Personal Guestbook So all your visitors can leave messages on your site. Customize it with your own colors, fonts, images and questions. Turn on e-mail notification and/or swear checking! Use the guestbook wizard to build an awesome guestbook, ...
December 10th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Site Guestbook
Great guestbook that always works ! Only a few variables to set and off you go. Allows an administrative option that causes entries to be held for review before being placed in the guestbook. Old guestbook entries can be deleted ...
November 25th 2005 Free     
Guestbook in C#
The webmasters could find a new format of creating a guestbook from this online tutorial. The author putforth the idea of generating a guestbook in C# for the benefit of the users. The author tells the main features of this ...
November 27th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Customizable Guestbook
This is a remotely hosted service that provides members an efficient guestbook program for their websites. Using this provided guestbook program webmasters can build enhanced guestbook on their websites. This program allows them to take control of each and every ...
December 18th 2005 Free     
This script is a php guestbook that utilizes mysql.It comes with its own install script, and is designed for ease of use. It includes fields for AOL instant messenger contacts, e-mail, location, message, and name.
February 15th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Active Guestbook
This is a guestbook software where the visitors can make comments on the guestbook. This program allows the users to change their website as a html design center, search engine, classifieds sections etc. The members can place ads and urls ...
December 3rd 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
DragonForest Guestbook
This is a php software and guestbook where users are allowed to decide the appearance of the guestbook. This script provides understandable config file to edit the static settings like database information. Here few simple and editable template files are ...
December 5th 2005 Free     
HostedPHPScripts Guestbook
This is a guestbook script that allows the users to post messages with their name, url and email / address in the guestbook. Admin can delete and edit the users entries in the guestbook. The users can sign up in ...
November 28th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Guestbook PHP Script
Guestbook is a PHP script to add a guestbook to your website. It requires MySQL. The Guestbook package includesall the SQL scripts necessary to set up your database. Writing a Guestbook is an easy wayto learn the basics about PHP ...
April 19th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Ron's Guest Book
This is a guestbook script where the users can add messages on the guestbook. The visitors can view their guestbook entries on websites. The admin can remove and modify the users entries on the admin page provided. Multiple guestbook entries ...
November 23rd 2005 Free     
Voidspace Python Guestbook
Guestbook is a Python script that allows you to add a 'guestbook' facility to your website. It is fully customisable using HTML templates - so the guestbook can be fully integrated with your website. The entries are saved in a ...
January 25th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Simple GuestBook or Feedback Page Requiring No Database Implementation
This is a tutorial that can be utilized by the webmasters to create and manage guestbook on their websites. In this article author clearly explains how to create guestbook without using database. Here the author uses a XML file to ...
December 5th 2005 Free     
Virtual Guestbook
This is a ASP based guestbook program where the users can add several comments on the guestbook and the comments are displayed on the website for the users to view. Features like emoticons, users can place ads and banners, filters ...
December 1st 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Related Code
A Super-Easy guestbook
This is a very easy guestbook, the code is around 25 lines. No SQL in use. No fancy stuff, or administrator tools only the code to learn from how to make it better. I myself tried to find a guestbook ...
April 7th 2013     2k
A My GuestBook
My-GuestBook is a basic guest book webpage that enable you to store your guest feetback in database using PHP and Mysql. It is simple and easy to install. It also come with administration function that allow the administrator to delete ...
March 4th 2006     7k
This is a fairly nice guestbook. It includes a descent interface and allows you to configure many of the options online. It offers options such as to log the ip and send email to the owner upon recieving a message. ...
November 29th 2006     34k
Related Software
ASP GuestBook Generator
The ASP GuestBook Generator is a program that will create for you a personal guestbook in ASP so you can add it easily to your web site or your server. With the wizard of the software you can set all ...
August 12th 2010     194k
GuestBook Script PHP
If you need a guestbook on your website, you are in the right place. GuestBook Script PHP is a script that is easy and quick to put on your website. Visitors to your website can leave comments and feedback. Features: ...
June 21st 2013     215k
File-a-Foto Portfolio Manager
Are you a professional with a client base and run separate means to keep history on pricing, clientOCOs portfolios and even invoicing? Need a database to build history on clients or events? Do you want to separate your OCtreworkedOCL photos ...
March 4th 2013     1,372k
Webuzo for VX Guestbook
VX Guestbook - Allows you to add free guestbook to your site. Easy to install and use. Editable with template.Requirements: Any Virtualization software : VMWare, VirtualBox, Parallels, 3GB space, Min 512GB RAM, Min 1 Ghz CPU
April 19th 2013     295,936k
Webuzo for Advanced Guestbook
Advanced Guestbook is a PHP-based guestbook script. It includes many useful features such as preview, templates, e-mail notification, picture upload, page spanning , html tags handling, smilies, advanced guestbook codes and language support. The admin script lets you modify, view, ...
April 10th 2013     296,233k
Recovery Foto Free
Recovery Foto Free is a very powerful recovery card foto utility which is powered by a cutting edge error-detection algorithm coupled with the most comprehensive error database available and which is constantly updated by our development team. At the heart ...
June 7th 2013     1,096k
Flash Guestbook
XML settings allow you to change almost any color of the Flash Guestbook interface. This requires a good text editor (or better, a dedicated XML editor). Of course, you can always just use the defaults without changing anything! Every string ...
January 30th 2013     31k
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